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Safety is a state of Mind!
Accidents is an absence of Mind!
Safety is everybody's responsibility!

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Provide superior and long term service. Appreciate our customers past and future business. Affordable prices for products, services and training. Agree to provide quality products, services, training & advice. Professional, considerate, courteous and prompt service presented. Our customers to enjoy benefit of our recourses and network systems. Open channel of communications for feedback, complaints and compliments. Attention to each aspect every time the customer contacts our organization. Fulfilment of clients needs with consistency and realistic service expectations. Full and unconditional attention, each time the customer chooses to deal with us.

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Industrial Safety Services

Industrial safety covers a number of issues and topics affecting safety of personnel and equipment in a particular industry.

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Documents and Registers

We can provide businesses with registers and documentation needed to fully impliment Occupational Health & Safety procedures.

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Construction Safety Plans

Safety Mangement, commitment and planning and documented health and safety plans for construction work enviroments.

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Training Courses Available

We make use of accredited Training Providers & Facilitators. Training is HWSETA, DEPT OF LABOUR Approved, Courses are written to SAQUA Unit Standards

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Here you'll find a growing collections of safety equipment needed to implement basic Occupational Health and Safety in your workplace, home and even your car. Protect yourself and your loved ones by being prepared. And save some money in the process.

First-Aid Kits

A first aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment for use in giving first aid, and can be put together for the purpose by an individual or organization or purchased complete.

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Fire Equipment

Fire fighting equipment is used for fire fighting by trained fire fighters, or a user at the scene of a fire, and generally, is comprised of hundreds of different pieces of equipment and technology.

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Symbolic Safety Signs

The Symbolic Safety Signs are widely used in all types of businesses and can be found all around the workplace, shopping centres and industries in South Africa.

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Miscellaneous Products

Miscellaneous products & services listed in the Bellcape Worksafe Online shop that doesn't fit in any catagory directly.

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